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Custom Casework Delivery Meets Your K-12 School Project Deadline


At Advanced Cabinet Systems we understand that meeting deadlines is crucial for the success of your K-12 school project, and that includes delivery and installation of your custom casework. We’re proud to say that we’ve delivered every project on schedule – which means we’ll keep your education project on schedule too. That spotless record is due to the process we’ve developed over the years that delivers a high level of customization and fast delivery:

What You’re Looking For In A Doctor Is Reflected In Their Institutional Casework


Patients in healthcare facilities are there because they have a problem, and they want to feel confident that their healthcare provider will have the answer. At Advanced Cabinet Systems, our interior designers and custom casework builders recognized that patients and their caregivers get their first impression of healthcare professionals by the quality of their surroundings. When asked what we’re looking for in a doctor, three of the top responses are professionalism, a strong work ethic, and knowledge. When you choose ACS our custom institutional casework will set the mood for confidence in all of those qualities.

The ABCs of Casework For Schools


With crisper days coming on it won’t be long until before we see school buses full of excited students making their way back to school. Educators are already hard at work preparing classrooms and work spaces for students of all ages. Here at Advanced Cabinet Systems we’re proud of our contribution to dozens of schools, and as students head back to classrooms we’re satisfied knowing our custom casework will have a positive impact on learning environments. In appreciation to our own teachers, here are the ABCs of standard and custom casework for effective learning environments.

Why We Partner With MasterSpec


We deliver our custom casework on time every time. How do we balance that with keeping our production lean? With MasterSpec. When we’re designing custom casework for large institutions, such as hospitals with multiple patient rooms, exam rooms, reception areas, and medical suites, we need to ensure that all the details are covered. 

Eye Centers Combine a Healthcare Environment with a Retail Space


Our interior designers at ACS know how to create an inviting retail space for your eye centers. Your retail audience is both male and female, has a wide range of needs, sense of style, and even ages – we can help you create a customized space to serve them all. Eyewear is an important accessory and we help you project the right balance between a visit to the optometrist and a stylish retail experience.

Making Memories and Interactive Moments in Verizon Smart Stores


When it comes to wireless technology, especially in the retail market, it’s all about creating memorable, interactive moments. Verizon Smart Stores, outfitted by Advanced Cabinet Systems, are designed to leverage the tactility of wireless devices, allowing customers to engage with them, and – most importantly – visualize the impact that the devices will have on their lives. By consciously creating opportunities for interactive moments through intelligent fixture design, store layout, and accessory placement, Verizon Smart Stores are on the leading edge when it comes to customer experiences.

Verizon Smart Stores and the Wireless Retail Industry


With the upcoming release of the new iPhone, it’s a not-so-gentle reminder that cell phones – and the wireless industry – is in a constant state of flux. With new models being released, new products being launched, and new technologies being developed, it’s essential that retailers be able to adapt quickly, capture the attention of the market and, most importantly, accurately reflect the vision – and breadth – of these new products. The experience inside the store must be harmonious: the retail fixtures should highlight the products, the products should be presented in an exciting, interactive way, and the layout should encourage interaction.

How Advanced Cabinet Works Creates Sophisticated, Interactive Wireless Retail Fixtures


The constantly changing demands of cell phone stores asks a lot of wireless retail fixtures. Often, when looking for just the right fixtures, it’s impossible to locate exactly what you need in a catalog. The team at Advanced Cabinet Works understands this. We work closely with our wireless clients to understand their needs, develop solutions that meet those needs, and deliver fixtures that create an unparalleled level of engagement with their customers. Our comprehensive design services have led to amazing engineering feats, including curved panels across curved fixtures and Corian solid surface countertops.

Organize Your Healthcare Facility with Division 12 Casework


Hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental practices and chiropractic clinics are bustling, high-traffic places. With the constant in and out of new patients and the unending flow of information and forms, it is essential to utilize your space efficiently. When you’re managing people’s health, being disorganized is not an option. The team at Advanced Cabinet Systems has years of experience working with healthcare professionals to determine what products best meet their requirements and, more importantly, what products are needed to keep their clients happy and healthy.

Distinguish Yourself in the Competitive Clothing Market with Dynamic Retail Fixtures


If you own a clothing store, you understand how difficult it can be to distinguish yourself from your competition. In such a competitive market, every little bit helps… engaging marketing, fresh product lines and aesthetically-pleasing fixtures. While it’s easy to overlook some of these advantages, investing in stunning, customized retail fixtures is an investment that can – and will – pay off in the long run. Traditional marketing techniques – radio ads, billboards and flyers – are a one-time deal: you buy in, cross your fingers and hope for the best.