The Drawer Box

ACS Drawer Box

The Grass Zargen System drawer slides are a well-designed, fully-funtional drawer slide system which presents numerous advantages for your casework.  This system can be found in the ACS Standard Drawer Box and has been an ACS Standard for over 20 years and counting.  Allow this to be your standard too!


* The bottom carrier slide is "L" shaped.  This allows the drawer bottom to rest, and there is no need for side grooves which run the risk of breaking.

* Each drawer system still contains some melamine in them.  (1/2" bottom and 3/4" back.)

* No sub front!  The slide actually connects to the front by 10 mm nylon dowels, which are barbed and installed by a pneumatic press.  These barbs have a greater holding power then any typical fastener due to a greater surface area.  This helps eliminate the separation issue from drawer front to drawer body.

* The slides have built in cams for drawer face adjustment.  This allows all pulls to be drilled in house and less for the installers at the job site.

* The drawer face can be adjusted 6 different ways and it does not affect the drawer body.

* Built in stop on cabinet member, which engages with the plate.  This allows the draw member to stop with the body and not allow drawer face to hit cabinet face.


With all of these positive aspects of the Zargen System drawer slides, there is only one true limitation.  This drawer slide system can not work for a drawer width greater than 30" because the slides are not captive.  There is a specialty assembly that can be purchased to accommodate a much greater width, it is more cost effective to defer to a 3/4" melamine box in most circumstances.

Why Choose Zargen?

* Greater structural intergrity of the drawer box

* Side and slide is one piece.

* No grease wich means less pinch points

* Medical grade

* Reduces and even eliminates typical drawer failures

* Same size/type of fasteners used for every pull on all drawers

* No cutting of sub front to allow space for a lock

* The ACS standard for over 20 years!