ACS Answers the Bell with Students as School Year Begins

Kyle Rennaker

School CaseworkAdvanced Cabinet Systems has plenty of experience renovating classrooms and installing educational casework. Doing the work while the school is in session, however, presents special challenges.

The major construction and renovation project at Center Grove Elementary and North Grove Elementary in Greenwood, IN, presented challenges for the schools and all the contractors involved. What we faced at ACS was bulkhead issues in the classrooms to accommodate new electrical wiring, data management circuits, and plumbing lines. ACS worked with the Architect’s designs to help create functional solutions to meet the requirements of the new utilities while still allowing the install crew to install the new casework in the classrooms.

The real challenge facing teachers, students and contractors including ACS is that much of the work will be done during the current 2014-15 school year. We’ll work in the classrooms in rotation, displacing students and teachers to a temporary classroom while installers complete the renovation, then move on to the next classroom.

The install crews will be installing countertops, base and upper cabinets, teacher wardrobes and storage wardrobes designed by ACS and manufactured in our Marion, IN, plant. Besides renovating the schools’ existing classrooms, the project at Center Grove Elementary includes adding four new classrooms as part of an entire facelift for the school. Classroom renovations at both schools are not scheduled to be completed until the summer 2015.

The teachers and students are taking the disruption to their routine good naturedly, and in fact were excited about the prospect of getting a “new school” within the old when they put on hard hats and gathered for the project’s groundbreaking for Center Grove Elementary last May. The students and staff remain eager to see their new school take shape around them as the school year progresses, and we’re glad to help.