Custom Department

ACS Behind the Scenes: The Custom Department

Kyle Rennaker

For anyone who just wanders into the environment that is Advanced Cabinet Systems, one of the first things that they will discover would be the different departments that make up this company. Depending on where one walks,they could find themselves standing amongst the towers of wrapped cabinets in Shipping, or maybe getting messy over in the Top Shop, or they may just run into some of the complex minds that engineer our fixtures. As one walks through the plant, it would be hard not to notice the amount of cabinets that are produced on the caseline. They're just lined up, ready to be wrapped and shipped out. Besides the large volume the Casework line produces, another department, Customs, produces hand-crafted custom casework.

The Custom Department of Advanced Cabinet Systems is consisted of intelligent, highly-skilled craftsmen who enjoythe challenges of building custom cabinets. "It's like we're making a work of art," says Larry Price, a four year veteran of ACS. Larry has spent his life perfecting the art of custom cabinets with nearly twenty-eight years of experience. He understands what it takes on accomplishing all of these finely-crafted pieces of art.

The Custom Department is responsible for building a lot of the fixtures that are used for our retail customers. The craftsmen in this department are able to build and assemble all of their fixtures from shop drawings. Sometimes they are required to cut their own particle board, assemble the fixture, and post-laminate the pieces without the fixture ever seeing the casework line. "One of the bigger challenges of working in this department is dealing with different fixtures every time. You're not normally building the same fixture twice," says Larry. In most cases, the Custom Department receives prints and then they have some freedom on figuring out the best processes of getting to the end result. "The key is paying attention to the changes that are presented in the prints. That's always a challenge because they're always changing," says Ron Binkerd, a four and half year veteran of ACS. Ron has nearly thirty-five years of experience working with laminates.

The Custom Department faces different challenges every day. But that doesn't mean it's not worth it. According to the craftsmen that work in that department, there are many perks to the job. The variety of fixtures that are produced in the Custom Department keeps everyone on their toes and there is never a dull moment. There's always a challenge in the Custom Department and for these craftsmen, that's what they strive on. They are solving problems that were not originally thought of by the engineering team and that no two problems are ever the same. In the end, sitting back and seeing the finished piece of art is the greatest perk this department has.

"This is the best job in the whole place. It's challenging and requires a high level of knowledge and skill. It's so rewarding! You can just stand back after you're done and admire the work of art you just built. It's a great feeling," explains Larry Price. Ron Binkerd adds, "The feeling of accomplishing the projects at the end of the day is such a great feeling. Knowing that you made the customer happy is worth all of the challenges presented!"