How to Build a Compelling Verizon Smart Store That Truly Showcases Wireless Products


Wirelessly telephony and technology is constantly evolving and, as a result, the way that we design retail displays for wireless stores is constantly evolving, as well. Stores need displays that capture their philosophy, engage their market and – above all else – provide customers with ways to interact with their products. In addition to this, most wireless stores require a heightened level of security, whether it is integrated into the product or built in to the store’s displays. Because of this, the challenge of designing for wireless stores – such as Verizon Smart Stores – lies in harmoniously blending all of these aspects into a single, unified customer experience. In this post, we’re going to talk about how Advanced Cabinet Systems has the experience, know-how and ability to deliver in the expectations that you have for your store.

Wireless store design and layout

When we were designing for Verizon Smart Stores, we selected paint, carpet and countertops that worked together. By approaching the project holistically, we were able to create an atmosphere that accurately captured what Verizon wanted: a modern, welcoming store that offers the industry’s latest, greatest technology.

Wireless displays

In creating retail displays for wireless stores, we aim to extend the experience. By providing ways for customers to interact with products, we create an experience that engages them and – most importantly – encourages them to bond with – and purchase – the store’s products.

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we have been a leading supplier of wireless store displays for years. With several lines on offer, including our famous Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework fixtures, we have the ability to adapt to – and directly address – your individual needs. If you’ve been considering a remodel, or if you’re looking to add a little more excitement to your space, contact us today to get started!