Organize Your Plastic Laminate Workspace

Author: Marc Dunker

Organize Your Plastic Laminate Workspace

Organizing your workspace is essential to time management and overall productivity.  The methods below will work for your space whether you have a commercial casework workspace, retail cashwrap, retail kiosk, or point of sale counter.

Cluttered DeskTake a Picture

To accurately access the problem areas of your plastic laminate workspace, take a picture of it.   This will serve as the before picture for you to follow up with an after picture after the organization of your casework is complete.   Plan on re-evaluating your architectural casework space from the after picture; there may be more problem areas that you failed to noticed.

Keep It Trim

Unless you want to appear on the next episode of Hoarders, it is advised that you get rid of all unnecessary items.   Nothing clutters your commercial casework space more than unused items.   They also can get in the way of productivity, which is the one thing we’re trying to increase.  

Casework File DrawerOrganize Your Drawers and Shelves

Your casework drawers and shelves can be organized to promote cleanliness and productivity.   Create a hierarchy of importance in your drawers.   This will keep the files and contents you use the most closest to you.  Come up with a filing system that is beneficial to the way you work.  Make sure everything has a place and stays organized; drawers are often one of the first things to get unorganized.  Organize your shelves by order of importance, alphabetically, or by category.  Depending on how you want to use your plastic laminate shelves, you may consider using dividers.

Can You Reach It?

Keep items you use the most within reach of your workspace.  Doing this will streamline productivity and keep your casework looking sharp.  Purchase or build countertop organizers to tidy your daily paperwork.  Utilize a countertop supply bin to store pencils, pins, paper clips, and all other items you use on a regular basis.

Commercial Casework OfficeConceal Your Cords

Cords and cables can really make a commercial workspace look disorganized.  Use wire ties to help manage your cables; Neatlinks by Humanscale are an easy way to organize your plastic laminate workspace by attaching to the wall or casework, effectively concealing your cords across long distances.  Cleaning up such a small detail will go miles in the look of an organized workspace.


The most important thing about tidying your workspace is to keep it organized.  Let’s face it, it’s easier to keep something clean and organized than to let work pile up until you have to do something about it.  Make sure you schedule time at the end of each day to re-tidy your workspace; doing this will ensure your casework is at optimal performance.