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Making Memories and Interactive Moments in Verizon Smart Stores


When it comes to wireless technology, especially in the retail market, it’s all about creating memorable, interactive moments. Verizon Smart Stores, outfitted by Advanced Cabinet Systems, are designed to leverage the tactility of wireless devices, allowing customers to engage with them, and – most importantly – visualize the impact that the devices will have on their lives. By consciously creating opportunities for interactive moments through intelligent fixture design, store layout, and accessory placement, Verizon Smart Stores are on the leading edge when it comes to customer experiences.

Verizon Smart Stores and the Wireless Retail Industry


With the upcoming release of the new iPhone, it’s a not-so-gentle reminder that cell phones – and the wireless industry – is in a constant state of flux. With new models being released, new products being launched, and new technologies being developed, it’s essential that retailers be able to adapt quickly, capture the attention of the market and, most importantly, accurately reflect the vision – and breadth – of these new products. The experience inside the store must be harmonious: the retail fixtures should highlight the products, the products should be presented in an exciting, interactive way, and the layout should encourage interaction.

How Advanced Cabinet Works Creates Sophisticated, Interactive Wireless Retail Fixtures


The constantly changing demands of cell phone stores asks a lot of wireless retail fixtures. Often, when looking for just the right fixtures, it’s impossible to locate exactly what you need in a catalog. The team at Advanced Cabinet Works understands this. We work closely with our wireless clients to understand their needs, develop solutions that meet those needs, and deliver fixtures that create an unparalleled level of engagement with their customers. Our comprehensive design services have led to amazing engineering feats, including curved panels across curved fixtures and Corian solid surface countertops.

Organize Your Healthcare Facility with Division 12 Casework


Hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental practices and chiropractic clinics are bustling, high-traffic places. With the constant in and out of new patients and the unending flow of information and forms, it is essential to utilize your space efficiently. When you’re managing people’s health, being disorganized is not an option. The team at Advanced Cabinet Systems has years of experience working with healthcare professionals to determine what products best meet their requirements and, more importantly, what products are needed to keep their clients happy and healthy.

Distinguish Yourself in the Competitive Clothing Market with Dynamic Retail Fixtures


If you own a clothing store, you understand how difficult it can be to distinguish yourself from your competition. In such a competitive market, every little bit helps… engaging marketing, fresh product lines and aesthetically-pleasing fixtures. While it’s easy to overlook some of these advantages, investing in stunning, customized retail fixtures is an investment that can – and will – pay off in the long run. Traditional marketing techniques – radio ads, billboards and flyers – are a one-time deal: you buy in, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Celebrate Your Retail Store’s Grand Opening in Style with Division 12 Casework


If you’re opening a new retail store, it’s important to think about first impressions. Introducing your store to the world is a very big deal and steps should be taken to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. From initial marketing campaigns and in-store promotions to helpful employees and retail fixtures, every element of your grand opening contributes to a creating a positive atmosphere that attracts customers, both on opening day and in the future.

The Benefits of Interactivity in Wireless Store Displays


The wireless industry is highly competitive and, by extension, effective marketing requires that wireless store displays up their game. It’s not enough to employ top-notch salesmen, run money saving promotions or air catchy television ads. Often, retailers seek to set themselves apart by creating engaging, entertaining spaces inside their retail stores. These stores – like the Verizon Smart Stores – look to capture the attention of customers, connect them with the product and, ultimately, use that connection to drive sales.

How to Build a Compelling Verizon Smart Store That Truly Showcases Wireless Products


Wirelessly telephony and technology is constantly evolving and, as a result, the way that we design retail displays for wireless stores is constantly evolving, as well. Stores need displays that capture their philosophy, engage their market and – above all else – provide customers with ways to interact with their products. In addition to this, most wireless stores require a heightened level of security, whether it is integrated into the product or built in to the store’s displays. Because of this, the challenge of designing for wireless stores – such as Verizon Smart Stores – lies in harmoniously blending all of these aspects into a single, unified customer experience.

Explore the Quality of Division 12 Casework from Advanced Cabinet Systems


Aimed at addressing the needs of a wide range of industries, including educational, medical, industrial and retail, Advanced Cabinet Works’ Division 12 Casework Cabinets are a high-quality, cost-effective way to enhance the appeal of your space. With a proven track record – nearly 25 years in business and over 50 years of combined engineering experience – our cabinets have helped businesses across the country welcome their guests, engage their customers and – most importantly – sell more products.

High End Fixtures for Wireless Retailers and Verizon Smart Stores


When opening a new retail location for your wireless store, it pays to have a plan… both inside and out. While the outside of your storefront should be attractive to passersby and representative of your brand, your interior should be inviting, comfortable and functional. It may sound easy, however, juggling these three attributes can prove tricky and failing, for example, to provide interactive outlets for your visitors can undersell the functionality of your products and lead to less-than-expected sales figures.