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ACS Behind the Scenes: The Custom Department

Kyle Rennaker

For anyone who just wonders into the environment that is Advanced Cabinet Systems, one of the first things that they will discover would be the different departments that make up this company. 

Augmented Reality in the Retail Fixture Market

Kyle Rennaker

First there was Natural Reality, then came Virtual Reality, and now the two merge together to create Augmented Reality.

3D Printing - The Overview

Kyle Rennaker

Imagine having to fix a broken computer part and not having to go to the store to physically buy the part.

ACS Answers the Bell with Students as School Year Begins

Kyle Rennaker

Advanced Cabinet Systems has plenty of experience renovating classrooms and installing educational casework. Doing the work while the school is in session, however, presents special challenges.

The major construction and renovation project at Center Grove Elementary and North Grove Elementary in Greenwood, IN, presented challenges for the schools and all the contractors involved. What we faced at ACS was bulkhead issues in the classrooms to accommodate new electrical wiring, data management circuits, and plumbing lines.

Wood Industry Technology: Why Using, and Training for It Matters

by Phil Bowers

I recently saw an independent study that said there were 4,900 casework and millwork manufacturers in the United States. 4,900! Talk about competition.

The study continued to say that...

The ACS Catalog Goes 3D

by Kyle Rennaker

The 1960’s marked the beginning of the CAD Revolution with the invention of “Sketchpad” by Ivan Sutherland, the CAD industry continued to flourish by leaps and bounds over the next five decades with the creation of...

High Pressure Decorative Laminate Vs. Thermally Fused Melamine

by Marc Dunker

Morning Warm Up

Marc Dunker

At ACS, we start the day with a stretch!  Watch the video to find out more!

The Effects of Color on Design

by Ashley Mazellan
Throughout the design process of our most recent line of retail fixtures, I was approached numerous times with questions pertaining to color; what color should the pieces be, the flooring, the walls? Choosing the wrong color for any of these elements held the potential to throw off the atmosphere we were working so hard to create.
Since color has the incredible ability of evoking an emotional response in most people, it plays a huge role in either making or breaking a design. A well thought through color palette can do wonders for mediocre design, while a poor choice of colors can put a damper on even the greatest of designs.
Let’s take a look at the feelings colors are able to stir within us, as well as a few great applications of color throughout the design world...

Red Light Special Incentive

by Marc Dunker

Advanced Cabinet Systems has implemented an incentive to promote increased productivity and boost worker's morale.