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ACS Technical Advantage

by Marc Dunker

This vlog decribes ACS's utilization of technology and automation in the manufacturing process.

Organize Your Plastic Laminate Workspace

Author: Marc Dunker

Organizing your workspace is essential to time management and overall productivity. The methods below will work for your space whether you have a commercial casework workspace, retail cashwrap, retail kiosk, or point of sale counter.

Options Of Edging

Author: Cindy Heigl

Edging is the material used to cover raw edges on... yep, you guessed it- the edge of laminated panels. For example see the images below:

Retail Security Upgrades

Author: Cindy Heigl

When you think of product security is this what comes to mind?

Lets hope not! There are several innovative security options available and several companies that provide them. It could be because I work for a retail fixture company... but I find these products interesting, and some of their capabilities are just pretty awesome. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't share a little about them on this blog.

A Little Info On How We Do Solid Surface...

Author: Cindy Heigl

At Advanced Cabinet Systems we manufacture commercial cabinets, custom milwork, and retail fixtures- all of which require counter tops. Today I'm going to discuss a popular counter top material- solid surface. Corian is the most common brand of solid surface manufactured by DuPont.

Solid surface is a higher end product than laminate and a more cost effective option than...

ICSC Indiana Idea Exchange

Author: Cindy Heigl

Last week I attended the ICSC Indiana idea exchange in Indianapolis. I went with a project manager from our general contractor parent company and we both found it to be a worthwhile event. Here are a few highlights...


Author: Cindy Heigl

Here goes my first post...

Since I work in the retail design/fixture/furniture/construction industry, I am excited to start this blog project. I guess we will see where it goes.