ACS Improves Front End Process


One of the major goals we've set in 2014 is to improve the front end process. Ramona Prochnow, our Financial Controller, has stepped up to take lead in this task. She’s worked with department leaders to synergize the process. In doing so, we’ve found out there are 8 phases from initial contact to invoicing an order. Production doesn’t even start until phase 7, so getting all of the correct information in the correct order is essential for the production of a job to run smoothly.

One of the first steps with a client after initial contact is to fill out a request for quote. As a part of the front end improvements, we’ve developed a replacement for our RFQ form, which is now the Front End BIDspec form. The form provides more detailed information, is easier to use, and includes helpful information to ensure the best quote possible.

We’re expecting to implement the first leg of the improved process by the end of summer and will continually to refine the process. Remember, with lean there’s no such thing as perfect.