ACS Introduces Social Office Cubicle Line


We're proud to introduce the ACS Social Office Cubicle Line! Social Office was developed by Tim Hanson, Research and Development Engineer. It was designed to be a next generation cubicle for office workers. Features of the unit include 3 workspaces and finish choices. Each workspace includes a CPU cabinet, storage cubbies, a locking cabinet, and a bench with fabric options. A file drawer and two box drawers are included under the bench.

“We dislike the term cubicle. It doesn’t describe our product well. Social Office promotes a social environment for increased productivity. The inclusion of an integrated bench will invite employees to have impromptu meetings and help to make work fun,” says Whitney Pyle, Vice President.

Social office was designed with three layout options to fit any office setting. Open: The open enviroment layout allows the unit to be spread out across the floor. Connected: Social Office units can be connected together to create a creatively designed work area. Wall: The units can be placed against a wall to mazimize the work area.