ACS Launches New Retail Fixture Line



Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS) of Marion, Indiana announced today the launch of their new line of retail store fixtures.  It’s being called the Rebel Line.  The Rebel line of furniture will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless agent, Moorehead Communications.  The line was designed and engineered with the entire retail environment in mind.  “We’re going beyond designing just the store fixtures, we’re providing and making suggestions that affect the entire environment” says Ashley Mazellan, Lead Designer on the project, “The store owners will be able to work with me personally on the design and layout of each of their stores.  We’ll even be recommending flooring and wall color options that work best with each setting.”  

The Rebel line also features pieces that are shipped with a very minor amount of assembly required.  “We’ve designed retail furniture in the past with the assumption that our installers would be doing the installs, with this line, the individual store owners will be able to easily perform the install themselves allowing them to save some extra money.”  Tim Hanson, Director of Product Development for the company, says.

ACS has also made some tremendous strides in terms of the technology that they’re offering with the fixtures.  “We’ve partnered with a small retail technology company out of Ohio” Says Phil Bowers, a Vice President at ACS, “These fixtures act more like machines that can sell the phones for you.”

The new line features many unique aspects including custom fabric, graphics, and even floor mats that are all exclusive to the line and have been carefully designed to create a memorable atmosphere. “It’s all about creating a visually stimulating environment” Mazellan says “The customer must be engaged the second they step through the door and it takes all elements of the design working together to accomplish that.”  Mazellan goes on to say, “In retail, first impressions are very important to building consumer loyalty. If you make your store an exciting place to visit, people will remember that.”

The company’s previous retail lines have focused primarily on the fixtures; with this line they have created a turn-key package that will allow the retailer to sell an experience.   “All of the interior design work has already been done, which takes the guess work out of putting together a successful retail environment” says Bowers.  “We are hoping this will really appeal to stores that are on a tight remodel schedule, wanting to get their doors open as soon as possible.”

The launch party will be held at a VIP reception on April 3rd during the Moorehead Communication’s Sales Rally at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.