ACS Seeks Division 12 Casework Dealers Nationwide


ACS is actively seeking Division 12 casework dealers nationwide. We're the leading casework manufacturer in Indiana and changed business stragegy in 2011 to focus on obtaining reputable casework dealers to carry the ACS brand. Since we changed our business model, ACS has partnered with several dealers nationwide.

“Our company’s mission is, ‘Keep Calm and Change the Game—Consistently looking for ways to advance our industry.’ We continue to grow and accomplish this by refining our product line and processes with a focus on customer service to continually improve and better ourselves and the casework industry as a whole. We’re seeking dealers who have the same business values we have—dealers who have a presence in their region, integrity, and a customer first culture,” says Phil Bowers, President.

To find out more about becoming an ACS casework dealer, visit our Dealer's page by following the link below

ACS Dealer's Page