Advanced Cabinet Systems Delivers 5 Prototype Vendor Shops


ACS bluwire location inside Buffalo, NY Office DepotMarion, Indiana—Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS), a manufacturer of Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework and Retail Store Fixtures, recently completed a  vendor shop rollout for Office Depot in record time.  The prototype project was a 5 location rollout of bluwire shops in Office Depot locations across the country.

Because of the tight time frame, the ACS engineering team worked directly with bluwire store designers Silhouette Design out of Chicago, IL to finalize specifications while waiting on raw materials to arrive. This rollout was the first bluwire project ACS had participated in and fixtures were to be delivered less than a month after the order was placed. ”There was no room for error,” said Darryn Martin, Engineering Manager. “Everyone in the entire company came together to pull this off; we have a great team.”

“I have heard nothing but positive comments from the customer including- ‘I am really impressed,’ ‘I can’t believe you produced these so fast,’ ‘It was such an amazing accomplishment,’ ” said sales representative Cindy Heigl. “bluwire is a high end electronics accessory store so their fixtures have to look cutting edge while providing security, power, customer interactions, etc. We have that type of fixture experience so this bluwire project was a great fit.”

See bluwire’s ACS Retail fixtures at the following Office Depot locations: Arlington, TX; Buffalo, NY; Daphne, AL; Houston, TX; Omaha, NE.

Advanced Cabinet Systems is located in Marion, Indiana and has been manufacturing casework products since 1983. Their facility practices LEAN manufacturing and has received AWI Premium Certification. Their retail fixture division specializes in custom store fixtures, floor plan layout, feature and focus displays, and cashwraps. The architectural casework division specializes in Division 12 casework and Division 6 millwork and solid surface fabrication. Advanced Cabinet Systems is a proud supporter of the Grant County Economic Growth Council.  For more information on their product lines and company, visit or contact Marc Dunker at (765) 677-8000 or email

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