Invite More Customers into Your Restaurant with Custom Fixtures from Advanced Cabinet Systems


When you decide to revamp your restaurant’s interior, Advanced Cabinet Systems’ experience with creating custom restaurant fixtures makes them an easy choice. Having helped to design and create fixtures for a range of restaurants, from fast food and food courts to coffee houses and fine dining, we have the knowhow and ability to create a vast range of styles.

Your customers have grown to love your restaurant’s unique theme, its identity and its atmosphere. During your remodeling, it’s important to update that look but, at the same time, you want long time customers to feel welcome and comfortable. This can be accomplished by creating high quality custom fixtures that integrate your restaurant’s original color scheme and styling. Advanced Cabinet Systems understands that you want something new, however, your customers want something familiar. We can work with you to accomplish a look that satisfies everyone.

On top of familiarity, your restaurant needs consistency. What good is a beautifully designed hostess station if your booths don’t match? What’s the point of a custom laminate bar counter if the adjacent cash out station is a different height? From start to finish, we’ll help you select materials, create a plan for your restaurant fixtures and execute that plan.

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we’re here to help your restaurant succeed. Whether you just need to replace a few of your dining booths or you’re looking to completely overhaul your restaurant’s design, our experts can give you the information that you need to make an informed decision. After you’ve decided on a course of action, we’ll help you act on it. With your vision and our experience in creating custom restaurant fixtures, we’re certain that the results will yield happier customers and higher profits. So if you’ve been considering a revamp, call us today to get started!