Making First Impressions with Architectural Millwork


They say that you only get once chance to make a first impression, so why not smarten up your reception area with a piece of custom architectural millwork? Your reception desk is often the first thing that a client sees when they enter your office. How would you like your business to be perceived? As a professional, well-maintained entity? As an attentive, organized place of business?

Architectural millwork helps your company be itself

Architectural MillworkAs the importance of branding is becoming more and more apparent, the need for your company to be reflected in every aspect of its operation is critical. Whether they’re visiting you online, browsing your printed materials or dropping by your office, presenting clients with a clear, unified vision goes a long way towards convincing them that your business is detail-oriented and capable of meeting their needs.

Beyond that, your business deserves the opportunity to show itself off to your clients. If, upon entering your building, clients are met with unique reception area furniture that is distinctively “you,” they can immediately form an accurate opinion of your business. On the other hand, salvaged, worn out or second-hand furniture could lead them to draw inaccurate conclusions.

The reception desk is your receptionist’s stage

We’ve all been to old, dilapidated theaters. Despite a quality sound system and a decent screen, a dated theater just can’t match the experience given by a more modern one. In the same way, even the best receptionist can be held back by poor equipment.

By investing in one of Advanced Cabinet Systems’ custom architectural millwork desks, you give your superstar receptionist the stage they deserve. More importantly, a custom desk can be built to match your company’s personality while also streamlining their work duties. From integrated electrical systems to novel storage solutions, your receptionist will thank you for making their work easier and, just as importantly, their environment more beautiful.

So if you’ve been considering a revamp of your reception area, we encourage you to start with the centerpiece! Start with the one piece of furniture that your clients are drawn to by design: the receptionist’s desk. Reach out to one of our experienced associates today to begin working towards a better, more efficient and more personable reception area.