myShop off to a Running Start in 2013-14 School Year


myShop TourWe’ve recently completed our first myShop day of the 2013-14 school year. The students who participated at the latest myShop were very enthusiastic, asked a lot of questions, and learned a lot from their experience. The students learned there is a lot more involved in manufacturing products than their preconceived notions. By showing them a cross-section of the different careers at ACS, they were able to see the overhead each cabinet has and that it wasn’t just a guy building a box in his garage.

We started myShop back in 2012 because we saw the immediate need to educate students in skilled trades. Many schools, especially in Indiana, have either reduced funding or discontinued classes such as woodshop in their industrial arts programs. This is an unfortunate circumstance for today’s youth. While college is an important part of education and career development, some students excel in programs such as industrial arts, music, art, and ceramics classes. Instead of woodshop, many schools now work on crafts projects instead of offering woodshop.

The students have a disadvantage because they aren’t exposed to these skilled trades. By the time they graduate, many students don’t have the knowledge or experience of running machines such as table saws and power tools. Furthermore, as we’ve found out, they don’t have the general knowledge of what manufacturing entails.

We as a company have decided to step up and provide a solution to this issue. The students need an outlet to show them real world jobs and prepare them to help develop their niche. Manufacturing isn’t just production work. There are several careers available in manufacturing facilities that they may not be aware of.

Our myShop program is continually evolving. We’re focusing on these issues for the future workforce of America.

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