Retail Security Upgrades

Author: Cindy Heigl
By Cindy Heigl
When you think of product security is this what comes to mind?
Lets hope not! There are several innovative security options available and several companies that provide them. It could be because I work for a retail fixture company... but I find these products interesting, and some of their capabilities are just pretty awesome. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't share a little about them on this blog.
 What is so great about these security devices is that they allow retailers to display high ticket items without compromising the aesthetic look of the product or creating a bars on the window type of retail environment.

They also allows customers to fully interact with products, and we all know hands on interaction with a product comes right before a sale!

Below is a retail display fixture we designed and currently manufacture for The Cellular Connection. It features Vanguard phone mounts and digital pricing screens. The digital pricing screens are controlled by TCC's corporate office and allow them to instantly and simultaneously update and change product pricing. The television screen is linked to the phone mounts. So, when one is activated, product specifications regarding that particular phone are displayed on the TV screen. Not your average store fixture, huh!?