Options Of Edging

Author: Cindy Heigl

Edging is the material used to cover raw edges on... yep, you guessed it- the edge of laminated panels. For example see the images below:

This is the cabinet in my office, the door has 3mm PVC edging and no raw edges.


This is a panel in production on the factory floor; it has .018mm PVC edging on the left edge, the bottom edge is raw.
With the help of a few ACS resident experts- I have compiled an exciting read about edging below:
  • .018 mm PVC Edging
    • This is the most common type of edging and is cost effective.
    • It is specified for most casework.
    • .018 edging is purchased in long rolls and applied using an edge banding machine.
.018 edging 
  • 3 mm PVC Edging
    • This edging is more durable and applied to doors, counter tops, and exposed edges that take abuse.
    • It is applied with an edge bander.
3mm PVC edging on the left compared to .018 mm edging on the right
  • Flex Edge
    • Similar to 3mm but is more flexible. I could bend it with my fingers and it felt like it had a rubber base, as opposed to the 3mm that I could not bend (if I could it would probably snap) and felt like hard plastic.
    • Flex edge is used on edges with a radius because it is flexible.
Flex Edge
  • T-Molding
    • T-Molding can also be used on an edge with a radius.
    • It is applied by cutting a groove in the center of the edge, the the tongue of the t lock is tapped into place.
    • Glue and the edge bander are not required.
    • T-molding can be replaced if it is damaged.
  • Laminate Edging-
    • This edging comes from a 4'x8' sheet of laminate. The sheet is ripped (by ACS) into 1" strips with glue applied to the back, then the strips are put on by the edge bander.
    • Laminate edging is not common because it is inconvenient (strips must be cut) and expensive.
    • It is usually used when panels have a wood grain laminate or texture that wouldn't match another edging material.
    • The last few projects we used laminate edging for were specialists doctor offices and high end eye care facilities.
Laminate edging
L-R: T-Lock, Flex edge, 3mm PVC, .018 PVC