A Little Info On How We Do Solid Surface...

Author: Cindy Heigl

At Advanced Cabinet Systems we manufacture commercial cabinets, custom milwork, and retail fixtures- all of which require counter tops. Today I'm going to discuss a popular counter top material- solid surface. Corian is the most common brand of solid surface manufactured by DuPont.

Solid surface is a higher end product than laminate and a more cost effective option than stone (think shipping and install costs).
A few of the many benefits to using solid surface include:Solid Surface
  • Sanitation:  In the healthcare environment solid surface is specified because it is non-porous and can easily be cleaned and kept sanitary. Solid Surface is fabricated as one continuous piece and therefore has no seam issues and is water proof. Laminate counter tops have joints that are not sealed and can become an issue over time.  
  • Design versatility:  My design team loves using solid surface because it is so versatile. DuPont is constantly coming up with new products such as illuminated Corian (see picture of one of our trade show displays with an illuminated top and toe kick below!), recycled Corian to utilize in a USGBC LEAD project, and a huge array of color/pattern options. They have a great facebook page with ideas too!
  • Durability:  Because of its sanitation qualities solid surface is a good choice in cafeterias or transaction counters, it's color will not rub away in high traffic areas like laminate will. It is also chemical resistant/water proof and can be used in restaurants, bars, drink stations, shower walls, marine, and other wet applications.
  • Repairs:  Solid surface tops can be repaired if they are scratched, cracked, or broken. Because they are non porous they typically do not stain, but if they do stain it is only on the surface and the stain can be sanded away.
  • Cons:
  • Solid surface tops scratch easier than laminate tops and the cost of repairing a scratch is high. However, the scratch can be repaired... laminate scratches cannot. Choosing a good color can really help conseal scratches.
  • Although it is not a typical retail issue, I should note that the thermal shock of extreme heat can crack a solid surface top. A retail example would be very hot dishes served and set directly on a solid surface bar.
Overall solid surface tops are a great option in retail environments and really solidify the high end look many of our customers create!