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README for Advanced Cabinet Systems Revit Catalog: Version 1


*ACS Revit Catalog: Version 1

*Advanced Cabinet Systems

*Released on June 20, 2012

*The ACS Revit Catalog is designed to allow architects and interior designers to easily access the complete physical casework catalog in Revit Family format.


ACS Revit Catalog: Version 1.1 Release Notes:


*Countertop section added.

*Adjusted Base Heights to allow for Countertop.

*Added 'Number of Shelves' Parameter to casework to correspond with Bidding Software.

*Fixed minor bugs associated with floating pulls


ACS Revit Catalog: Version 1.1 Release Notes:


*Accessories section added.

*Adjustable Toekicks added to all base and tall cabinets.

*Added both left and right pull options for single-door cabinets.

*Fix some bugs with certain cabinets.

*"Top of Cabinet" parameter for Wall cabinets have been fixed.

*"Bottom of Cabinet" parameter for Hutch cabinets have been fixed.

*White laminate texture have been added to all cabinets for quick renderings.


ACS Revit Catalog: Version 1 Release Notes:


*The Base, Wall, Tall, Hutch, Mobile, and Locker cabinets are included.

*All casework matches with the corresponding model number present in the physical catalog.

*ACS Custom Casework Tag included.


ACS Custom Casework Tag install instructions:


*To install the ACS Custom Casework Tag:

 1.)Open a project or start a new project.

 2.)Click Annotate tab > Tag panel > Loaded Tags

 3.)Click Load

 4.)Navigate to the location of the Revit catalog and select 'ACS Custom Casework Tag'

 5.)When finished, click Ok


Known Issues/Bugs:


*Possible problems with certain accessories.


Contact us at:


Advanced Cabinet Systems

Jay Higgins - (Casework Sales)

Kyle Rennaker - (bugs, problems, questions)

(765) 677-8000  (M-F, 8 AM-4 PM EST)