A Case Study in Turn-key Design Solutions with the Rebel Line by Advanced Cabinet Systems

As a manufacturer of turn-key display solutions for retailers in the cellular industry, Advanced Cabinet Systems created the highly successful Millennial Line of furniture for Verizon Wireless. After several years, we stepped back, took a look at the line and decided that it was time for a refresh. Our goal was to solicit consumer suggestions, revisit what made the line successful and incorporate manufacturing improvements and technology advances to improve the line. From our initial research, the Rebel Line was born.

The Rebel Line is a fully-featured, ready-to-go retail display option that provides retailers with everything that their store needs to hit the ground running. From vibrant paint colors to bold graphics, the line aims to alleviate remodeling woes by allowing stores to adhere to their rebuild schedule without compromising on display quality and – more importantly – customizability.

More than simple casework retail displays, the Rebel Line is a complete environment that is built to draw attention, facilitate customer conversion and increase sales. Even better, the line eliminates time-consuming guesswork by providing matching environmental elements and fixtures right out of the box. As a result, stores aiming to meet strict opening dates are able to reduce the amount of time spent matching paint colors, fonts and design aesthetics.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we employ the industry’s most experienced designers and engineers. Our overarching mission is to provide innovative, turn-key solutions that save our customers time and, above all, help to create an effortless, seamless retail experience. Having earned the distinction of being named a Certified AWI Premium Casework Manufacturer, you can shop confidently, knowing that we demand the highest degree of control over the quality, materials and workmanship of our products. If you’re facing a tight remodeling schedule and need a swift, effective solution to your store’s design, contact us today to discuss how we can help.