Specifications for Casework

Advanced Cabinet Systems provides resources that give you technical information about our casework for any purpose you might need. We use only the highest quality suppliers to provide our customers with a product that will excel in both function and form, and we hope the specifications provided give you an idea of the resources we work with. Please contact ACS if any further information is needed, or if you would like to get started on an order.

Wilsonart® Technical Data

File Size
Wilsonart® Laminate Tech Data
52.8 KB
Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Tech Data
38.4 KB
Wilsonart® Fire Rated Tech Data
58.2 KB
Wilsonart® Custom Laminate Tech Data
41.6 KB
Wilsonart® Imported Cabinet Liner Tech Data
27.2 KB
Wilsonart® Chalkboard Tech Data
62.1 KB
Wilsonart® Marker Board Tech Data
36.9 KB
Wilsonart® Laminate Types Bulliten
152.2 KB
Wilsonart® HPL vs LPL Bulletin
799.8 KB
Wilsonart® Substrate Selection Bulletin
470.7 KB
Wilsonart® Solid Surface 1/4" Tech Data
72.7 KB
Wilsonart® Solid Surface 1/2" Tech Data
74.4 KB
Wilsonart® Solid Surface Chemical Resistance Tech Data
131.4 KB
Wilsonart® HPL MSDS
106.7 KB
Wilsonart® Solid Surface MSDS
40.8 KB

Formica® Technical Data

File Size
Formica® Laminate Tech Data
1.1 MB
Formica® Laboratory Laminate Tech Data
92.1 KB
Formica® Fire Rated Laminate Tech Data
131.2 KB
Formica® Solid Surface Tech Data
154.1 KB
Formica® Commercial Fabrication Guide
470.7 KB
Formica® HPL MSDS
78.3 KB

Corian® Technical Data

File Size
Corian® Sheet Products
59.6 KB
Corian® ADA Lavatory Positioning
451.7 KB
Corian® Healthcare Disinfectants Tech Data
135.4 KB
Corian® In Laboratory Environment
71.5 KB
Corian® Laminate Covering Tech Data
17.4 KB

Salice Technical Data

File Size
Salice 120º Concealed Hinge Tech Data
486.7 KB
Salice 165° Concealed Hinge Tech Data
495.8 KB

Arauco Technical Data

File Size
Arauco SDS
445.4 KB
Prism TFL-Properties
72.0 KB
Arauco Spec Sheet
153.9 KB

Boa Lock Technical Data

File Size
Boa Catalog
1.4 MB

Solid surface seam adhesive

File Size