A Closer Look at DuPont’s Corian Solid Surface Countertops

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we offer an assortment of custom countertops that have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients. From straight edges and waterfall edges to laminates and solid surfaces, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect combination of materials and aesthetics to make your space beautiful and – more importantly – functional. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at one of our more versatile options: Corian solid surface countertops. We’d like to look at what makes them special, why they are a smart choice and how they can improve your space.

Corian is extremely adaptable

Because of the unparalleled number of options available, Corian can be tailored to fit almost any purpose. Particularly well-suited for the healthcare industry, the material is waterproof and fabricated from one continuous piece which leads to easier cleaning and increased sanitation.

Corian countertops are highly customizable

When it comes to colors, features and design capabilities, Corian is in a class of its own. Deep and lustrous dark tones, natural patterns, nonporous surfaces and hundreds of vibrant color options, Corian solid surface countertops offer a staggering amount of options that can be adapted to fit any space.

Corian’s durability is unmatched

All of Corian’s colors are permanent, meaning that they won’t come off or fade with time. As the material is also resistant to the negative effects of cleaning chemicals, this makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as restaurants, kitchens and restrooms.

As a full-service modern casework manufacturer, Advanced Cabinet Systems takes its commitment to perfection seriously. With a team of experienced designers and engineers, we’ll work directly with you to find the best materials and designs for your space. Whether you’re interested in redoing the surfaces in your school cafeteria or looking to update your retail store countertops, give us a call and let us guide you through the process.