Attention To Detail – Custom Countertops Make A Visual Impact When Paired With Custom Casework

We finish our custom cabinetry with quality custom countertops. Made with balanced construction, we offer multiple edge profiles, substrates, and both laminate and solid surface options. When designing a new space, the number of choices can become overwhelming. Let us help you sort out some of your options to make these important decisions a bit easier.

Always Go With Quality

Whichever countertop you finally choose, make sure it’s up to the challenge of being pleasantly eye catching and durable enough to withstand heavy use. Top manufacturers know to exclusively use balanced construction materials for the highest quality, long-lasting countertops available. Our substrates include: particleboard, moisture resistant particleboard, plywood, and Solid Surface.  

The Edge Matters

We offer multiple edge profiles to match the style of your room, or even the specific purpose of your counter. The straight edge profile has a modern feel and tends to be less obtrusive. The waterfall edge profile is associated with a more classic look. And the no drip edge is exactly what it claims to be and works well in wet environments. Don’t forget every countertop in the room doesn’t need to be the same color of have the same edge profile. Differentiate different work spaces with color and edge choices designed to add a visual element.

What’s On Top

Laminate and solid surface both have their advantages. Laminates are a great choice if you looking for a cost-effective countertop. It comes in a rainbow of colors and is extremely durable. Solid surface, while more expensive, has an elegant look and can be repaired if it is scratched. Both offer a wide range of colors and styles.

Still undecided? We can help with our design services. Contact us and we’ll work together to find the right solution for your space.