Front End BIDspec Form

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ACS BIDspec Form

ACS BIDspec Form


Click the link above to access the ACS Front End BIDspec Form. This form is more than just a request for quote. It was designed with both clients and dealers alike in an easy to use, interactive PDF format.

Quality Certification Labels:

The specification will specifically state that QCP labels are required on the product and that the JOB (not the just manufacturer) is to be registered with the AWI. Below are some common phrases that have been pulled from specifications. None of the phrases below indicate a requirement that the product for a particular project is to be QCP certified. 

  • Manufacturer to provide certificates and labels indicating that they are a participant in the AWI Quality Certification Program 

  • Shop is a certified participant in AWI’s Quality Certification Program 

  • Woodwork Quality standard Compliance Certificates: AWI Quality Certification Program certificates 

  • AWI Quality Certification Program label must be applied to shop drawings 

Correct QCP Specification Language:
This project has been registered as AWI/QCP project number ______ . OR, the Contractor, upon award of work, shall register the work under this section with the AWI Quality Certification Program (855-345-0991.)

The Architect must ask for the project to be registered. 

If there is confusion, please contact the Architect directly. It should also be noted that ACS is an AWI Quality Certification Program member and can provide any needed documentation. ACS can provide AWI labels on casework if required but there are additional costs to do so. 


When it comes to “green” materials there are several different ways the board can be specified, they are as follows in order of price: 

  • $ FSC Certified Board with no NAUF requirement 

  • $$$ NAUF Board that is NON FSC Certified 

  • $$$$ NAUF Board that is FSC Certified 

It is important to note that if a job requires “LEED” points and “LEED” submittals, that does not mean it requires any sort of NAUF or FSC board. If the NAUF or FSC requirement is there, it will clearly say so. If there is confusion, please get direction from the Architect. 

FSC Chain-of-Custody: The specification would clearly state that the board used to manufacturer the cabinets is to have FSC Chain of Custody (COC) Documentation. It is important to note that just because a job may require FSC Certified Board, does not mean it requires NAUF board. The upcharge for FSC board pales in comparison to the upcharge for NAUF board. 

NAUF Board: No Added Urea Formaldehyde board requires a different manufacturing process from the board manufacturer. Some specifications go as far to list the use of “No Urea Formaldehyde” board which is unavailable for purchase—it does not exist. The cost of NAUF board is roughly 30%-40% higher than the cost of standard board and FSC board.


There are typically four different types of hinges specified on a job. They’re listed them below in order of most cost effective to most expensive: 

  • $ 120° Concealed, Euro Hinge: This will cover any specifications that require a hinge from 100° to 135° 

  • $$ 165° Concealed, Euro Hinge: This will cover any specifications that require a hinge from 160° to 170° 

  • $$$ 5–Knuckle Powder Coated Hinge: This is cheaper in cost than the 165° hinge but it requires additional time to install along with additional hardware such as a magnetic or roller catch. 

  • $$$$ 5–Knuckle Stainless Steel Hinge: Much more expensive than the 5–knuckle powder coated hinge 

Drawer Boxes and Hardware

$ Grass Zargen System: The Grass Zargen Drawer System is both the most cost effective and highest quality drawer box option. It is the standard drawer box of ACS and has been for 30 years. The hardware is more expensive than other drawer box hardware but the efficiency in production more than makes up for it. Using this drawer box will undoubtedly give ACS an advantage in any direct bid situation. 

$$ Melamine Drawer Box: ACS can also manufacture the melamine drawer box and often does so. The melamine drawer box is not the preferred drawer box as it is more susceptible to damage over the lifespan of a cabinet and is more costly to manufacture. The different drawer slide options for the melamine drawer box are listed below
in order of price: 

$ Bottom, Corner Mount Epoxy Steel Slides with Nylon Rollers

$$ Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slides (color, plating have no effect on price)

Open Cabinets

The interiors of open cabinets can easily price ACS out of an otherwise winning bid. There is a considerable cost difference between an open cabinet with a laminate interior and an open cabinet with a melamine interior. The wording for melamine can be interpreted in several different ways. The list below contains a few examples that actually mean “melamine”.

  • Pressure Fused Laminate Surfacing

  • Thermally Fused Laminate (TF Laminate)

  • Thermally Fused Melamine (TFM)

  • Decorative Laminate that is Thermoset to Core

Please note that melamine can come in multiple colors, not only white. A colored melamine does cost more than the standard White, Black, or Almond but it is still less expensive than laminate.