Celebrate Your Retail Store’s Grand Opening in Style with Division 12 Casework

If you’re opening a new retail store, it’s important to think about first impressions. Introducing your store to the world is a very big deal and steps should be taken to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. From initial marketing campaigns and in-store promotions to helpful employees and retail fixtures, every element of your grand opening contributes to a creating a positive atmosphere that attracts customers, both on opening day and in the future.

Division 12 Casework from Advanced Cabinet Systems ensure that your retail store presents a consistent image. With the ability to match your store’s retail fixtures, Division 12 Casework cabinets can be utilized in employee break rooms, stocking areas and even integrated into spaces on the sales floor. Ensuring that your customers are treated to a consistent, engaging experience, our casework ensures that your brand shines through in every element of your store.

The experienced team at Advanced Cabinet Systems has a long history of working with clients, distilling their brand identity and expressing it through vibrant and engaging casework displays. With the ability to create fully-customized displays that capture the attention – and imagination – of your store’s customers, we can help you select countertops, laminates, materials, shelves and colors that express your brand’s individuality.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we strive to deliver the industry’s best casework cabinets and retail fixtures. Our Division 12 Casework designs are the perfect way to complement your store’s architecture. From space-saving break rooms to efficiently-organized office spaces, we can help you create a store that functions flawlessly and – more importantly – leaves a lasting – and positive – impression on your visitors. So, if you’re close to your grand opening, contact us today to discuss how we can help you wow your store’s customers!