Craft Efficient Lab Spaces with Professional Institutional Casework

Lab space for research facilities, educational institutions, and more can all benefit from professional institutional casework. Advanced Cabinet Systems can provide any space, large or small, with the proper casework needed to ensure the space is functional, maintains the necessary space to work efficiently, and fits whatever aesthetic you need. From designing to installation, Advanced Cabinet Systems makes sure that your casework is taken care of start to finish, every step of the way.

Secured cabinets

Because laboratories often have expensive equipment stored away within them, Advanced Cabinet Systems can provide an extra level of protection for this equipment by putting optional locks on all doors and drawers according to your specifications. These locks can also be keyed according to your specifications, giving you control over the safety of your lab equipment how you need it. With the professional team at ACS providing your locked cabinets, you can trust your designs to be hardy and safe for whatever goes inside them.

Built to last

Whether it’s educational equipment that’s being taken out year after year or a functioning laboratory for research that uses equipment on a daily basis that is stored in your cabinets, the institutional casework designs from Advanced Cabinet Systems are high-quality and built to last your facilities for years. Constructed using the industry standard doweling method, you can depend on the craftsmanship of ACS cabinets to give durability and a long lifespan to your lab. And, if you need any specific setup for your cabinet construction, ACS can provide it without compromising any of your durability for your cabinets.

Helping to craft any institutional casework for lab spaces in need, Advanced Cabinet Systems has the experience and skillset to deliver the best cabinets available. As your modern casework manufacturer, let us craft the perfect casework solutions for your space!