Create a Luxurious Salon Atmosphere with Fixtures from Advanced Cabinet Systems

The team at Advanced Cabinet Systems knows what it takes to create a relaxing, inviting salon atmosphere. When clients visit their favorite salon, they want a modern, clean aesthetic but, more importantly, they want luxury. They want to be drawn into the environment and allowed to immerse themselves in the experience of being pampered, treated and beautified.

Our design team has worked to create a wide selection of high end salon fixtures that are sure to leave your customers with a positive impression. From steel-accented styling stations and glass-topped makeup counters to wood manicure tables and elegant reception counters, we have the experience necessary to create a sophisticated atmosphere that meshes well with your salon’s personality.

In addition to appearance, we have the ability to create salon fixtures that meet all sanitation and safety regulations. Naturally, a stunning atmosphere is pointless if it isn’t functional. To that end, our team will work closely with you to create fixtures that match your salon’s existing décor while also affording you the functionality that you need.

More than anything, we know that creating salon fixtures is about creating an experience. You want your customers to walk in and immediately succumb to that experience. If your current displays aren’t doing the trick, you may want to consider new salon fixtures. For that reason, we’re able to custom create casework salon displays and fixtures to completely revamp your interior. From your designs and descriptions of the experience that you want to create, we’ll fashion fixtures in colors, materials and designs that work to achieve it.

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we aim to create the industry’s best modern casework fixtures and displays. Serving a number of salons over the years, we’ve acquired the expertise needed to revamp your interior and wow your customers. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you deliver the experience that your customers expect, contact us today.