Creating Engaging, Effective Verizon Smart Stores from Start to Finish

In the rapidly changing world of wireless technology, retailers need a store that reflects their vision, their target market and, most of all, their products. On top of this, stores carrying wireless products require an additional level of security, security that is built in to their retail fixtures and displays. As a result, the proper design of a wireless store – such as the Verizon Smart Stores – requires a holistic, all-encompassing approach. The store’s layout, fixtures and accessories must all work together to create an engaging experience. Thankfully, Advanced Cabinet Systems has a wealth of experience in creating these types of stores and, today, we’d like to discuss how we assisted in the creation of the Verizon Smart Stores and, as a result, how we can help you manage your store’s build – or rebuild – from start to finish.

Interior design

For the Verizon Smart Stores, we selected an extra white paint from Sherwin Williams to create a brighter, more welcoming environment. To complement the walls, we chose to use a dark, slate gray carpet from Platcraft. This carpet is excellent in high-traffic areas because it is both durable and, more importantly, it retains its “clean” look despite copious amounts of foot traffic.


The Verizon Smart Stores utilize a range of fixtures that integrate exciting, eye-catching features. From slat wall displays and magnetic graphics to poster snap frames and integrated data ports, your store’s fixtures are its heart and soul. Because of this, extreme care and attention must be paid to both aesthetics and functionality.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we create a wide range of retail fixtures, including our Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework and Retail Store Fixtures. Addressing the needs of the wireless industry, we have played a major role in creating effective stores that – above all else – foster customer interest and engagement. If you’ve been looking to remodel your wireless retail store, contact us today to discuss how we can put our experience to work for you!