Custom Casework Delivery Meets Your K-12 School Project Deadline

At Advanced Cabinet Systems we understand that meeting deadlines is crucial for the success of your K-12 school project, and that includes delivery and installation of your custom casework. We’re proud to say that we’ve delivered every project on schedule – which means we’ll keep your education project on schedule too. That spotless record is due to the process we’ve developed over the years that delivers a high level of customization and fast delivery:

School calendars aren’t flexible. We know that our education clients depend on us to help them meet their own internal deadlines. Whether you’re planning new construction or need work for a remodel, we’ll do our part to keep your project on track. We provide custom casework at competitive pricing because we’ve refined our process with an emphasis on keeping production lean and agile.

Place your order. Your first step in the process is placing your order. You can look through our existing products in our catalog, like the popular Top30 line, or contacting us with a custom request. The ACS Top30 line includes base, wall, tall, and mobile cabinets, and are customizable with different colors and countertops directly from the ACS Casework Catalog.  We can work together to plan out the design for your new casework.

Review shop drawings. When you place your initial order, our team will create shop drawings done with Masterspecs. Masterspec drawings account for every centimeter, screw, and hinge. These drawings allow you to see your new casework as it will look in the classroom, or administrative setting. The drawings then go one step further by making sure every detail is accounted for during installation.

Manufacturing Your Casework. When you’re completely satisfied that we’ve accounted for all of your various needs for your unique custom casework, and have signed off on the drawings, our manufacturing team will take over, ordering materials and quickly assembling your project.

Be Confident In Delivery. When we reach the manufacturing stage, we’ll give you an estimated delivery date. This date will respect your original deadline and allow ample time to prepare, set up, and install your new retail displays.

When you’re scheduling an educational project, remember that we haven’t missed a deadline yet. Keep your project on track with our refined process; together we can create educational spaces ready for learning.