Eye Centers Combine a Healthcare Environment with a Retail Space

Our interior designers at ACS know how to create an inviting retail space for your eye centers. Your retail audience is both male and female, has a wide range of needs, sense of style, and even ages – we can help you create a customized space to serve them all. Eyewear is an important accessory and we help you project the right balance between a visit to the optometrist and a stylish retail experience.

We can provide:

  • eyeglass display cases
  • custom casework
  • office furniture
  • point-of-sale counters
  • interior designers
  • everything you need for a custom solution.

When a client enters your location for a retail experience they are most likely buying an extremely personalized product. They want to feel confident in your product lines, your expertise, and ultimately in their purchases. We help you connect with their sense of style so they can leave satisfied and eager to repeat the experience.

One challenge we help our clients overcome is accommodating the wide range of customers they serve. Patients come to you needing eyewear ranging from contact lenses to safety glasses to sunglasses. You might have a young patient who is choosing their first frames or an experienced patient who’s adjusting to their first pair of bifocals. Our modern designs coupled with our easy storage options make it easy for you to achieve the working balance between functionality and personality.

At ACS we know that you need a customized solution for your space, one that caters to both your customers and your staff. We can even blend new products into an existing space so that you can add items as needed. You can request a quote or contact us – our staff is eager to jump in and help you complete your project!