High End Fixtures for Wireless Retailers and Verizon Smart Stores

When opening a new retail location for your wireless store, it pays to have a plan… both inside and out. While the outside of your storefront should be attractive to passersby and representative of your brand, your interior should be inviting, comfortable and functional. It may sound easy, however, juggling these three attributes can prove tricky and failing, for example, to provide interactive outlets for your visitors can undersell the functionality of your products and lead to less-than-expected sales figures. Thankfully, the team at Advanced Cabinet Systems has a wealth of experience in hitting just the right notes… striking just the right balance between these attributes, as evidenced in our design of the new Verizon Smart Stores. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the design – and function – of our high end fixtures for wireless stores.

Engage your customers

The primary goal of our fixtures is to create a way for customers to showcase your products and provide customers with a way to interact with them. More than anything, an interactive shopping experience allows customers to fully connect with your products, leading to more engagement and – by extension – more sales.

Modern, sleek design

These days, retail stores need to be more than functional, they need to be aesthetically inviting. With our sleek designs that feature Corian solid surface countertops, privacy screens and curved panels, your visitors will be immediately wowed by your store’s atmosphere and environment.

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we believe that attractive, engaging stores lead to more business. By incorporating interactive elements into clean, attractive designs, you can more effectively capture shoppers’ attentions and, more importantly, more easily convert them into paying customers. If you’ve been thinking about opening a new wireless retail store – or considering upgrading your current store – contact us today to discuss how we can help.