How Advanced Cabinet Works Creates Sophisticated, Interactive Wireless Retail Fixtures

The constantly changing demands of cell phone stores asks a lot of wireless retail fixtures. Often, when looking for just the right fixtures, it’s impossible to locate exactly what you need in a catalog. The team at Advanced Cabinet Works understands this. We work closely with our wireless clients to understand their needs, develop solutions that meet those needs, and deliver fixtures that create an unparalleled level of engagement with their customers. Our comprehensive design services have led to amazing engineering feats, including curved panels across curved fixtures and Corian solid surface countertops. In today’s post, we’re going to look at how we will work with you to develop the retail fixtures that you need.

Understand your needs

We know that every store is different. Your customers have come to expect a certain ambiance, a certain experience in your store. Our wireless retail fixtures can supplement – and deepen – that experience by creating opportunities for interaction, engagement, and connection.

Designs based on your needs

Once we’ve come to understand what you need, our designers work to develop a solution that meets those needs. We create 3D renderings that give you a complete view of what your displays will look like once they are in your space.

Built to address your customers’ needs

At the end of the day, your customers are what is important. Our displays will be designed with your needs in mind – ambiance, environment, and branded elements – but will be built to address your customers’ needs by including interactive elements and elements that encourage engagement.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we have the industry’s best team of engineers and designers. Our wireless retail fixtures, including our Verizon Smart Store pieces, are designed with beauty and functionality in mind. If you’ve been looking to revamp your retail space, contact us today to discuss how we can help.