Institutional Casework Fuels Smooth Education Operation

When working in a lab setting, you want to make sure everything is organized and easily accessible, and the institutional casework provided by Advanced Cabinet Systems can give you the setup you need. Whether it’s for pharmaceutical research, college labs, high school labs, or any other facility that requires quality cabinet storage space, Advanced Cabinet Systems can design, manufacture, and install your cabinet system.

Quality craftsmanship

Advanced Cabinet Systems produces some of the best cabinets in the business of storage space by using only the best materials. Our cabinets use premium grade materials and laminates from Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite. Constructed using the industry standar doweling method, you know that the storage cabinets from Advanced Cabinet Systems will give you the durability and long-lasting storage you can expect from high-grade institutional casework.

Experienced installation

Thanks to our long record of satisfied clients in the education field, anyone within them interested in getting institutional casework done can trust in Advanced Cabinet Systems. We provide a modern and organized look to any setting, meeting the needs of your unique room layout. Efficiently utilizing your space, the casework we provide will serve its purpose while not being overbearing on a room.

Planned installation

Not only does our experience help with installation, but the process is also backed by our design team. By creating a tangible visual representation of space through floor plans and 3D renderings, our team creates the perfect floor layout for your new storage space. The team provides a variety of services all aimed at making sure your new institutional casework is right for your space, while keeping in mind every factor of a room that will have people in it.

Advanced Cabinet Systems is the modern casework manufacturer that you can count on. With products and services provided by a caring and experienced staff, your space can be improved with ease when the time comes for an update.