Making Memories and Interactive Moments in Verizon Smart Stores

When it comes to wireless technology, especially in the retail market, it’s all about creating memorable, interactive moments. Verizon Smart Stores, outfitted by Advanced Cabinet Systems, are designed to leverage the tactility of wireless devices, allowing customers to engage with them, and – most importantly – visualize the impact that the devices will have on their lives. By consciously creating opportunities for interactive moments through intelligent fixture design, store layout, and accessory placement, Verizon Smart Stores are on the leading edge when it comes to customer experiences.

As a starting point, we selected a vibrant, white paint from Sherwin Williams to create an immediately welcoming environment. Leveraging the brightness of this paint, we opted for darker fixtures. As a result, the store’s displays “pop” and create the illusion of islands within the store, with each of these islands serving as a unique interactive experience. Whether customers are fiddling with the newest smartphone, experimenting with a cutting edge tablet, or anything in between, these “islands” allow them to experience Verizon’s products and, more importantly, create memorable – and positive – experiences in the store.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we are incredibly proud of the design of our Verizon Smart Stores. Faced with the challenge of engaging a constantly evolving audience, we created a store that adapts to the needs of both retailers and consumers. If you’ve been looking to create a retail environment that is truly memorable, one that captures – and holds – the attention of your store’s “audience,” contact us today to discuss how we can help.