ACS Integrates New Estimating Software


Our latest bit of news here at ACS is our recently purchased new estimating software, Alliance Millsoft. The guys at Alliance Millsoft developed an estimating system for casework and millwork and by implementing it here at ACS we’ll be able to automate several more of our estimating processes.

Our estimating team will be able to encompass information at the start of a job that will be built upon and accessed through the entire lifecycle of a project.  The new software will allow us to provide more accurate information from the very beginning. Some of the other benefits of the software are the ability to add the project scope, create an order checklist, add accurate delivery information, and change specifications after the project begins. This lets ACS spend more time doing what we do best, of course, building cabinets.

Not only will this new software assist the ACS casework projects, but it will also incorporate information for our millwork projects. We’re able to integrate our material costs into the system as well as incorporating labor hours. All this will allow us to more accurately and efficiently price our millwork and retail fixtures.

The ACS estimating and engineering staff have been learning this new software and plan to implement Alliance Millsoft in September!

Click here to view the official release on PRWeb!