Our Process When Creating Custom Casework Solutions

Sometimes you just can’t find the retail fixtures that you need in a catalog. Sometimes, you need completely custom solutions… solutions that have been tailored to the unique identity and brand philosophy of your establishment. In these cases, Advanced Cabinet Systems offers comprehensive custom design services that allow you to be confident that, in the end, you will get exactly the casework cabinets and displays that you need. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at our custom design capabilities and, more importantly, show how our customers are in control throughout the entire process.

Create a picture

The first step in creating custom casework displays is generating a proposed image of the final product. Our graphic designers work closely with you, determine the features and aesthetics that you desire and, using that information, create a conceptual image of your displays.

Create 3D renderings

Once you’ve approved the two-dimensional pictures, our skilled engineers use that image to create a 3D rendering of your displays. These renderings allow you a fuller, clearer picture of what your displays will look like once they are inside your space.

Finalize the images

After making any necessary changes and approving the three-dimensional renderings, the design is finalized. At this stage, your casework displays are ready to be produced and the work is transfered to our manufacturing team.

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we employ the industry’s best designers and engineers. Custom casework is at the core of our business, allowing us to provide our customers with exactly the solutions that they need to make their spaces attractive and, more importantly, effective. If you’ve been looking for a flexible, proven company that will work with you to create the custom casework solutions that you need, contact us today to get started on your project!