Protect Student Instruments with Secure Musical Instrument Storage

With the new school year just around the corner, if your school has a music program, now is an excellent time to assess the state of your instrument storage space. If you are looking to provide your music students with effective instrument storage, Advanced Cabinet Systems is ready to help. Offering instrument storage casework that is designed to fit your educational facilities music spaces, you and your students can rest easy knowing that school owned, and personal instruments are safe throughout the day.

While school is out for the summer break, now is the perfect time to start planning for the fall semester, Wind ensembles, symphonic orchestras, Marching bands, and all other school band programs need a secure place to put their instruments. Finding a solution that can make the most of your music programs storage space not only benefits students by providing them with a convenient place to put their instruments, but it can also help protect expensive school property.

A Secure Space to Store School Instruments

Musical instruments can be quite expensive to replace, and because of this, they require storage that not only keeps them secure, but also keeps them safe. Made from durable materials, with a heavy-duty wire door, the music instrument storage casework Advanced Cabinet Systems provide instruments with dedicated storage spaces that can help prevent accidental damage throughout the school day while also protecting them from theft.

Musical Instrument Storage that Makes the Most of your Storage Space

Every music program has different spaces, and Advanced Cabinet Systems understand that there is no one size fits all solution. Working to craft storage solutions that perfectly fit your music instrument storage spaces, Advanced Cabinet Systems can provide secure storage that makes the most of your space. Made with only the best materials, our plastic laminate casework can provide your space with secure instrument storage space. The team at Advanced Cabinet Systems understand that instruments come in all shapes and sizes. Able to craft quality casework with compartments that can fit instruments of any size and can design instrument storage that fits the needs of all your school’s music programs.

Advanced Cabinet Systems is ready to equip your school with the music instrument storage solutions that best fit your music program spaces. Request a quote or contact us today to find out how Advanced Cabinet Systems can improve your school’s instrument storage space!