ACS Testimonials


Ryan Smith
Company Name:  Wireless For You
"My experience with ACS has been remarkable.  In all of my years of being a consumer, I have yet to come across a business that has discovered the secret sauce on a perfect customer interaction 100% of the time.  However, every so often, you will do business with a company that will go above and beyond after the point ot sale to ensure their customers are satisfied.  That company will stop at nothing to ensure you are happy with your purchase and will do everything in their power to build a long lasting relationship with each customer.  I have experienced that company.  That company is ACS.  That company is About their Customer Service."

Dave Niemantsverdriet
Company Name: J.R. Kelly Company, Inc.
"JR Kelly Company has worked with Advanced Cabinet Systems on several large projects, in several residence halls at Purdue, over the course of several years. Each of these projects had an aggressive schedule due to tight time constraints. Advanced Cabinet Systems successfully manufactured and installed the custom casework on these projects, and after the first successful project, JR Kelly Company teamed with Advanced Cabinet Systems on subsequent similar projects. Advanced Cabinet Systems portion of these projects was over a million dollars. I would be happy to team with them again on future work, and have no reservations recommending Advanced Cabinet Systems to anybody who may consider them for their projects."

Chris Hoffe
Company Name: Alderson Commercial Group, Inc.
"...Alderson Commercial Group, Inc. has partnered with ACS on numerous large projects and they have provided exceptional quality, service, and delivery. Together we have been in situations with tight deadlines and very important customers to please. ACS has always stood by us to the end of the project. ACS is big enough to meet the demands required in completing large projects, yet nimble enough to adapt quickly to changes that are inevitable with these types of projects..."  Read More

Mike Watson
Company Name: TravelCenters of America
"...[ACS has] been instrumental in the design and layout of our unique needs for wireless kiosks...The craftsmanship of the cabinets is first class and they are built to last in our heavily traveled locations. The installers went above and beyond to set up the kiosks with minimal interruption to our daily business.  The staff has been very helpful and quick to respond to any of our issues. We continue to use ACS today and look forward to a long prosperous relationship with them." Read More

Lori Forrer

Company Name: Cass County E 911 Director
“ACS did a fabulous job, we couldn’t be happier. The service was fantastic, they are very knowledgeable, and outdid themselves with customer service. It’s an absolute showcase!”

Mark Elliot
Company Name: Mark Elliot Construction
“The way ACS ships and packages their casework makes it easy for the installers to unload at job sites. Also, their dimensions are always spot on so it’s very rare to have a problem with their pieces fitting at a jobsite.”

Joe Vanderbur
Company Name: Hallstead Architects
“I love specing ACS in my jobs because they are very dependable, they always show up on time, and I never have to worry about the quality of their work.”

Mayor Wayne Seybold
Company Location: Marion, Indiana
“The dispatch stations ACS provided for us brought a whole new look to our dispatch center and at a price that their competition could not match.”

Matt Wilkerson
Company Name: Verizon Inc. Williston
Company Location: Florida
“I've bought a lot of retail furniture in my time but I have never seen anything that compares to the quality of the ACS line. The pieces are heavy and durable and they even delivered the job 2 weeks early!”