The Advantages of Choosing Corian Solid Surface Counter Tops

When you’re looking at purchasing new commercial cabinets, custom millwork or retail fixtures, you’ll need to consider counter tops. Functionally, you have a number of options, however, for high-traffic areas – especially retail environments – we recommend Corian solid surface counter tops. Because they offer superior construction, they are a more lasting solution than laminate and, because of their weight and installation process, they are a more affordable option than stone. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the advantages of choosing Corian solid surface counter tops.

Seamless and waterproof

For healthcare environments, there is no better, more sanitary option than Corian. Seamless, waterproof and nonporous, solid surface counter tops are easy to clean and keep sanitized. This stands in stark contrast to laminate counter tops that are not sealed and, as a result, can harbor dirt and bacteria in their joints.

Ample design options

The creator of Corian, DuPont, is constantly expanding the materials options. From additional color options, complex patterns and recycled materials, the line is being continually expanded and, as a result, offers manufacturers of casework cabinets a staggering number of design options.

Long-term durability

In high-traffic areas, including cafeterias, retail stores and transaction counters, Corian’s lasting durability will ensure that your investment in custom fixtures pays off. Rather than worrying about colors rubbing off, chemicals leeching into the material or unsightly stains, you can focus on making the most of your space… and your fixtures!

At Advanced Cabinet Works, we create exquisite, high-end modern casework, commercial cabinets and retail fixtures. With an eye for perfection and a professional team of experienced personnel, we are always exploring new, exciting methods and materials. If you’ve been looking for new casework cabinets for your retail store, restaurant or healthcare facility, contact us today to discuss the advantages of Corian solid surface counter tops!