Using Interactive Fixtures to Boost Sales in Wireless Stores

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, we know that one of the most dependable ways to boost sales of hands-on products is to allow customers to, well, get their hands on them. Nowhere is this more apparent than in wireless stores where customers are tempted by the latest in cellular technology. But how do you use retail fixtures to engage customers – to create an experience – that will encourage them to make a purchase? How do you leverage the power of your store’s aesthetic design to gain real, tangible benefits? Today, we’re going to look at how Advanced Cabinet Systems is uniquely positioned to help you sell more by connecting with your customers.

ACS displays encourage active engagement

When a customer stops to look at your displays, they are considered to be engaged. While visual engagement is great, it is a largely passive activity. Most technological products benefit from an additional level of engagement: interaction. When a customer holds your product – feels it, examines it and utilizes it – they can better understand its benefits. Through this experience, they gain an appreciation for the product that cannot be expressed in a purely visual presentation.

ACS fixtures are built to your specifications

With a display system from Advanced Cabinet Systems, you can rest assured that your wireless store’s identity will be exuded from every corner of your store. Whether you’re selling the latest, greatest cell phone or a hot, new tablet computer, your customers will be treated to a consistent, meaningful experience that adheres to – and showcases – your brand’s colors, shapes, logotypes and more.

ACS optimizes the sales process

From our high-end, ADA compliant cashwraps to our stunning phone islands, every fixture that Advanced Cabinet Systems creates is designed to encourage a seamless experience. With customers transitioning with ease from the front door to the cash register, you’ll save time and money by utilizing displays that guide, inform and, ultimately, sell your customers.

At Advanced Cabinet Systems, our team of experienced designers and engineers works tirelessly to innovate new – and perfect old – strategies for effective retail display fixtures. With our intense attention to detail and rigid dedication to absolute customer satisfaction, we’re certain that we can outfit your retail store with displays that will make your work easier and more profitable. If you’re looking for an established company to help you optimize your store’s display-based sales, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.