What is Modular Casework?

Modular casework is a specific type of casework that refers to storage and cabinetry construction projects that are designed to be simple for installation, allow for easy movement when relocating, and are designed to retrofit into any space. Modular casework is a great option for installations that require a lower cost, lower installation time, or need casework that is flexible to fitting in unique spaces.

Advanced Cabinet Systems works with customers to provide the best modular casework for their space according to its needs. Whether your space requires casework with mass amounts of storage for large items, shelving, or any setup in between, our team can help you to design and install the perfect solution.

What are some benefits?

Because modular casework can be planned out and arranged as you need, it often helps individuals make the most of a space through perfect placement. Compared to fixed millwork or casework, modular casework can also be rearranged as needed, helping space to handle expansion over the years or change to a setup that is more streamlined with changing operations.

Modular casework also provides a more affordable option of casework because the amount of labor that is necessary with installation is reduced. Fixed casework needs additional labor for installation because it requires modification of floorplans, whereas modular casework can be moved as necessary with existing floorplans, removing the need for construction or adjustment.

Where is it best used?

Modular casework is best used in spaces that, over time, are sure to see expansion or readjustment of their setup. Labs are great contenders for this, because they often face changes in regulations and rules that the adaptability of modular casework can match. Modular casework can be adjusted as needed, making the lab one that can suit the needs of use and quickly change as necessary.

Because modular casework can include gas lines, ventilation, and more, any lab can be fitted with the necessary components and hardware for versatile use while the casework is in place.

With the capability to help any industry that requires modular casework, Advanced Cabinet Systems is your best choice as a manufacturing partner. Providing design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and installation services for every project we work on, ACS is the full-service casework company that you can count on. Contact us today to learn more about modular casework and how it might help your unique space!