What You’re Looking For In A Doctor Is Reflected In Their Institutional Casework

Patients in healthcare facilities are there because they have a problem, and they want to feel confident that their healthcare provider will have the answer. At Advanced Cabinet Systems, our interior designers and custom casework builders recognized that patients and their caregivers get their first impression of healthcare professionals by the quality of their surroundings. When asked what we’re looking for in a doctor, three of the top responses are professionalism, a strong work ethic, and knowledge. When you choose ACS our custom institutional casework will set the mood for confidence in all of those qualities.


Our custom casework sets the tone starting in the reception area and at the nurses’ station. Well thought out and built to accommodate the varied needs of everything from medical supplies to paperwork to access to electronics, ACS will make sure your design sets a professional tone by looking good and functioning even better.

Strong work ethic.

Healthcare professionals work incredibly hard in a variety of challenging situations. Showcase that strong work ethic by making their workspaces clean, professional, and ready for their fast-paced environment. Patients in treatment areas such as exam rooms and labs notice when the spaces are well organized with casework that is built for the function of those rooms and easy to keep clean.


You know you’ve hired the smartest healthcare professionals available, so reinforce that impression for them with smart designs in your work spaces. Labs, gown rooms, even break rooms

If you’re planning a new project, a complete redesign, or looking to add to an existing space, ACS will make sure you’re making the right impression on your clients. Our use of MasterSpecs will make sure you stay on schedule and on budget too. From filing cabinet systems to reception desks to medical office furniture, our institutional casework will help your team of medical professionals smoothly solve problems for your clients. We want to help you create productive work environments and set your patients at ease, contact us today.