Why Should You Furnish Yours Space With Modular Casework?

Finding furnishings that can perfectly fit your space may seem challenging, but with the modular casework from Advanced Cabinet Systems, you can provide your facility with high quality plastic laminate cabinets that add function to your space while fitting the shape of its rooms perfectly. Providing custom made commercial casework to customers in a variety of industries including education, healthcare, commercial offices, and more across the United States, when you are looking for quality modular casework to fill out your space, you can count on Advanced Cabinet Systems to deliver.

Casework Made Specifically to Fit Your Space

With the modular casework from Advanced Cabinet Systems, you won’t be getting mass manufactured casework that was made to fit most spaces. The modular casework from ACS is designed and crafted to be installed specifically to meet your space’s needs. Whether your space is in need of high-quality cabinetry and countertops, or custom millwork for reception desks, every piece of cabinetry from Advanced Cabinet Systems will be designed to perfectly fit and complement your space. Offering their design and installation services the professionals at Advanced Cabinet Systems will handle everything in order to ensure that your space gets the modular casework that best meets it needs.

Custom Casework That is Made to Last

At Advanced Cabinet Systems we understand just how important it is to furnish your spaces with casework that lasts with usage over time. The modular casework from Advanced Cabinet Systems is crafted with high quality, premium grade laminate materials sourced from trusted manufacturers, including Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart, and Pionite. Constructed using the industry standard doweling method, the cabinets from Advanced Cabinet Systems offer a durable and long-lasting solution to your spaces storage needs. A manufacturer of casework with an AWI certification, Advanced Cabinet Systems is dedicated to creating high quality casework with only the best materials.

Ready to craft high quality modular casework that is designed to meet your space’s specifications, and using high quality materials and methods in order to provide it with added strength, when you need to furnish your space with specialized casework designed for your facilities, you can count on Advanced Cabinet Systems. Request a quote to begin planning the modular casework for your commercial space or contact us to learn more about the high-quality custom casework offered by Advanced Cabinet Systems today.