Why We Partner With MasterSpec

We deliver our custom casework on time every time. How do we balance that with keeping our production lean? With MasterSpec. When we’re designing custom casework for large institutions, such as hospitals with multiple patient rooms, exam rooms, reception areas, and medical suites, we need to ensure that all the details are covered.

An Industry Standard

MasterSpec has been the industry standard in specification since 1969. Developed by ARCOM, they keep the MasterSpec software updated and find and develop valuable additions when needed. MasterSpec is universally used and appreciated in the industry, allowing a seamless transition between design, build, installation and use.

Easily Adjust Designs

During the design process making changes needs to be as available as possible. Whether you are deleting or adding customizations, the entire process needs to be kept current and documentation needs to be complete. MasterSpec allows your designer to make these changes along the way, keep notes and share files easily with important stakeholders.

Access To Research

As a product of the American Institue of Architects (AIA), MasterSpecs is peer reviewed by the leaders in the industry. Information about products, manufacturers, sustainability, and many other topics are available through the software. Cloud-based reference standards are available at all times.

We value MasterSpec most because it is a key factor in our success with our clients. Regardless of the complications on any one jobsite, we know we’ve got the specifications sorted and ready to be acted on. Each design area is given the same time and consideration, and accurate information is easily recorded.  When the specifications are solid, we can focus on what’s important – assisting our clients through the design project to the installation phase. Installing custom casework is essential to getting the best use out of medical, educational, and industrial spaces.